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HangZhou Zhiwei Foods co.,Ltd is a powerful technical strength, customers can customize various special products of company, located in rich historical and cultural sites in cities throughout the republic of famous scenic spot full of hangzhou city. Founded in 1993 and 1994, Japan's provincial forestry aquatic authentication, registration number 33/03001. In 2000, the company has introduced the reorganization of the rich management experience, and the heart of the company shareholders into production workshop, the thorough reform of equipment. Company product positioning in full, the company exports the main products including steaming, boiling, decoct, fry, various processing quick-frozen lamp, the Japanese food and various kinds of snacks meat aquatic products. Main products to taste good, nutrition, health, convenient, family direction.


According to company development needs, May 2009 company located in hangzhou yuhang OuDeXin moving to a new factory workshop, with a total investment of 80 million yuan, the production area of 28.000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 8000 tons. Company for cooking, smoked, test and updated equipment factory, in strict accordance with the international standard of food production enterprises, from building standards to build facilities to production workshop for the international first-class food production enterprise. Now, the company gathered a batch of excellent, years engaged in production of Japanese frozen food technical and management personnel and production staff. We will provide or custom of good quality, unique flavor, meet customer requirements.

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