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Service Tenet

Safety first, excellent quality. The price is reasonable, the service is supreme

Sales process and how to customize

Contact Sales----Intention to negotiate----Try to eat sample quote----Terms of trade confirmation----Customer orders----Production workshop----Delivery
Japanese products, meat products, Chinese dim sum:Zhang Hong 86-571-86053084 Zhang Xiaoyan 86-571-86070517-8032 18968097707/13750801507
Bakery products: Wang Xiongwen 86-571-86070517-8308 18968097799/13750801503
KFC: Wang Xiongwen 86-571-86070517-8308 18968097799/13750801503

Platform Sales Information

Introduces:Devoted to purchasing individual or entity to provide wholesale and retail, which sells products: jade dumplings, dumplings, dumplings Bamboo streaky, sausages, Pork, egg tarts and the like.
ADD:No.25, District B , Floor 2,Business market of frozen-food,Hangzhou agro logistics center,Zhejiang,China
Contacts:Liu Youjin 18968097720/13750801522

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